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Meet Rick Bouma

I started my own contracting business in 1984. My primary focus was the repair of homes damaged by fire, wind, hail and water. My team literally took houses apart and rebuilt some of them from the ground up. This has given me a comprehensive understanding of all structural elements and the various components involved in the building of a home.

Since the completion of my formal training, I’ve completed over 2000 inspections and not one complaint.

Yes that’s right, not one.

Nobody can please everybody all the time, but I’ve never had a call from a customer saying they were unhappy with my performance. Very few inspectors can say the same.

I’d also be licensed in Washington DC if they offered one. Hard to believe, but the DC government does not have any legislation offering a qualified inspector a license. Be very careful in selecting an inspector if you’re going to make Washington your home.

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Why RBI?

  • Thorough Inspection
  • Documented Reports
  • Excellent Qualifications
  • Very Practical Experience
  • Flexibility in scheduling, time, pricing
  • Reasonable Fees based on location, size, age, condition, etc.
  • Personal Service before, during and after the inspections
  • ...and a "Small" Bonus - Because I'm short in stature and slender build, I can get into small crawl spaces and cramped attics where the big guys wouldn't think of inspecting.