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Client Testimonials


“I’ve been referring Rick Bouma to my clients for several years now. He’s never let me down. Always on time, neat in appearance and very helpful. He’s very thorough and really seems to enjoy what he does. My clients pick up on this and really like him. He will continue to be my home inspector of choice.“

—Maude Dixon, Weichert

“A friend of mine recommended Rick when the home inspector I was using at the time wasn’t available. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. I thought the inspector I was using before meeting Rick was good. He pales in comparison. Rick is so good at taking the time to explain how everything works, answering all questions and coming up with solutions for the problems he finds. He’s my go to guy.“

—Gary Gabriel, Long and Foster

“I’ve been using Rick for several years now. Some clients don’t trust their Realtor’s recommendation for an inspector because they feel the inspector may be biased in his findings. That he may say what he thinks the Realtor wants. Definitely not so with Rick. Many of my clients decide not to buy a particular house after his inspection. In fact, Rick inspected four houses for one my clients before she finally decided to buy. His thoroughness might cost me some sales, but I don’t care. I want my clients to know all they possibly can before they buy. Rick does a great job. My clients like him and appreciate the time he takes. Can’t see myself recommending anyone else.“

—Chrissy Blackwell, Blackwell & Associates

"I met Rick several years ago when he was doing an inspection for one of my clients. I was so impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail he’s been my inspector ever since."

—Susan Metcalf, Avery Hess

"I thought the inspector I had been dealing with was good until I met Rick. He knows what he’s doing. My clients are in good hands."

—Walt Scott, Long & Foster


“I want to live in close (Arlington or Alexandria), but don’t have a lot of money to spend. The houses I can afford are not in the best condition. Rick knows what he’s doing. He took the time to explain everything to me. He told me what I needed to know before buying. So far, he’s done two inspections for me. Not sure I’m going to buy the second house either. He found a lot of problems I didn’t see. If I have to go through this again, Rick will be my inspector.“

—Heather Santasine

“Wow, Rick did a great job. The last guy I hired didn’t do much at all. You want a real thorough inspection, call this guy.“

—Phillip Gibson

“I feel I really got my money’s worth. Rick did a fantastic job.“

—Timothy Fahey

"Thanks again, we appreciate all your hard work and explanations yesterday. You did a great home inspection."

—Scott Siegfried

"Rick, my agent was right, you did a good job. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions."

—Salah Azzarkani

"Rick did a very thorough inspection for us. He even went the extra mile and came back to check something for us at no additional charge. I’ll recommend him to my friends"

—Hanna Chang

"I think I set a record with Rick. He inspected four houses for me before he found one worth buying. Thanks again, especially for the first one. That would have been a real nightmare."

—Jilianne Payton